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Count me in for the Shabbos of 24/25 October

  • Laurene Levin from
    South Africa is keeping
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    it together.

  • David Levi from
    United States is keeping
    it together.

  • Hagit & Moshe Gabbay from
    Canada is keeping
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  • Burke Barr from
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  • Abraham Teitelbaum from
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  • Keeping Shabbos and praying for a speedy recovery and Refuah Sheliema of Menachem Mendel Ben Eta Leah

  • I dedicate Shabbat to my parents, Herschel ben Yitzhak and Shaini bat David, to my sister Carolyn and to her partner Martin in his fight against melanoma.

  • I dedicate this to my cousin who is about to embark on the toughest journey of her life. Beat cancers butt!

  • We dedicate our keeping Shabbos for a speedy and full healing of my father.

  • for the continued protection of the soldiers of the IDF

  • In Zchus of a Refuah Shleima for Miriam Zelda Bas Freida Gittel

  • L'iluy Nishmas Yehoshua Aryeh ben Yisachar Beirish A'H

  • in honor of our late parents: Elena Leska bat Hennia Z'L Yaakov Soffair ben Marcel Z´L and in honor of our great granfather, author of Kaf Hachaim, Rabbi Yaakov Chaim Sofer.

  • Dedicated to the memory of my dear father, Aharon ben Shmuel HaCohen

  • In memory of my dear father Chaim ben Moshe Tzvi. May his soul have an Alyaha! I am very happy to be part of this amazing event!

  • La unión hace la fuerza, que por este mérito, Hashem nos mande ya la llegada del mashiaj en paz y en alegrías... Leiluy Nishmat Alberto Ben Rebeca!

  • To all the soldiers who protect Israel.

  • In memory of Zahava Goldwasser, who loved Shabbos


  • To My Parents Who Passed Away - My Mother Shirley Wolinsky - Sara Chaya Bat Moshe and My Father Morris Wojinsky, Moshe Ben Yisrael.

  • I dedicate this Shabbos to all those Jewish people who were forbidden to keep Shabbos during the Holocaust.

  • YK to Rabbi Goldstein and your inspirational team. You make me a proud South African - thank you.

  • l'refuah shelaima shel Naftali ben Zissel and Harav Modecai Dov Ber ben Leah Hinda

  • Lovely

  • I dedicate my sign up to my family and ...CVD!

  • Soy desendencia Sefarad,,mi mayor anello,es ayudar a los demas,y sobre todo que halla ,paz en todo el mundo,es Por eso que me sumo,si es que Ustedes me lo permiten.Desde ya muchas gracias...shalom

  • I dedicate this Shabbos to the aliyah of my Gram's neshama

  • To everyone in my family who are no longer with us today.

  • In loving memory a Natan Eliezer

  • For my family, as we strive to keep Shabbat each week, we welcome peace and Hashem into our lives.

  • In honor of my grandmother Gitta bat Nizha

  • For my mom, love you and miss you every day :)

  • 2

  • b"H to klal Yisrael - keep Shabbat livchor beChaim

  • To my Grandmother and her sisters who taught me the importance of Shabbat.

  • To my late father, Shaul ben Shmuel Levine.

  • Refua shelema Efrain Ben adela & tere bat adela. Peace for Am Israel. For a new year full of blessings, simchas, health, mazal, success and good life for all am Israel

  • For the shalom of klal yisrael and the memory of my late father pinchas ben josef ha kohein

  • Our family dedicates this to our Rabbi, Rabbi Meier Kaplan, for his continued support to our community.

  • I dedicate this Shabbat to my darling parted Mike Rosenbaum

  • To all the Jewish People!

  • To the memory of my dear father, Meir Reuven ben Tuvia Halevi, who greatly respected shabbos, Jewish education, and the strong, special Jewish family chain.

  • Shabbat

  • To all the soldiers in Israel

  • For my Family and Freinds near and far. For those that are with us in spirit, and for those that may be alone. Be a part of "keeping it together", the Shabbos Project 2014 (OCT 24/25)

  • To my mother Maria Angela Chavarria. My Granma in Heaven Graciela Herrera and my Great Grandma.

  • It is an honor to keep Shabbos with all of you!

  • L'refuah shleima Yosef Dov ben Rivka

  • Keep just one! Let's be together just once as a family we all are, no matter where!

  • I dedicate this Shabbos to the revelation of the true Messiah to each and every person.

  • I am so excited that teens of SJCUSY will be participating in teh Shabbos Project!!!

  • Cant wait

  • To my mother. I have rediscovered my Jewish heritage.

  • Somos una familia observante cuya mitzvá de hajnasat orjim es una de las que más disfrutamos y es una forma de dicirle a HaShem, todá rabá! y sabemos que se alegra mucho al ver a sus hijos reunidos.

  • May we see the ultamite Geula!

  • From the first time I heard about it I was excited about the shabbes project! I dedicate this shabbes project to ALL JEWS around the world! Come on everybody - let´s keep it together :)


  • I dedicate my Shabbos Project 2014 to my beautiful Ima -Pesha Rochel bat Yitzchak - who passed away 1 Sept 2014. My mom loved every moment of the Shabbos Project last year, as we spent it together

  • Thank you for organising this project. Am open to be a volunteer.


  • Two shabbos in a row brings Moshiach!

  • Me comprometo a guardar shabbat y ser siempre un gran judio

  • We'll do this one for Steve- he would have loved it!

  • To Irving Lissoos

  • I dedicate our Shabbat to the full recovery of Rochelle Swil

  • IMMMM SOOO EXITED! What a beautiful idea for achdus!!!!

  • To my family, friends and all signing up from around the world - hope that enjoy the real spiritual essence of Shabbos

  • This special Shabbos is dedicated to my friend, Suzie Bartkunsky, for a speedy recovery. Barbara B.

  • noch schöner wäre es, wenn ALLE Juden schabbat halten würden, aber nach dem es nicht möglich ist, ist es eine wunderbare idee, so viel wie möglich juden dazu zu motivieren. vielen dank! ich freue mich

  • This is dedicated to my late gran whose birthday is coming up this month( September). You are terribly missed. x

  • My family (Bentel family)

  • Memory of my Ma, Estelle Ross

  • I will be keeping shabbos in refua shleima for my gran. Leah Bat Sheindle.

  • I dedicate this Shabbos to my Mom who is the strongest, toughest and most loving person I know. Refuah Shlema Mom, from all of us.

  • Dedicado a mis padres Mery y Ernesto, y para mi hermano Marcos, que aun se encuentran en Caracas. Enviandoles la mejor y mas fuerte energia, para que pronto nos podamos volver a ver, y estar juntos.

  • To my parents Alec and Leba Jaffe and all my grandparents who came through the struggle THANK YOU

  • To my father

  • In Honor of my grandfather who gave so much for Shabbos

  • Every week

  • In memory of my mother, Lynne Marcus Kareken, Z''L

  • in memory of Basya Rivka bas Aaron Hirsh

  • May this incredible mitzvah bring love, peace and harmony to Israel and the Jewish community all over the world.

  • For our two late grandfathers - Jo and Neil. Thank you for giving us life and love.

  • I will be overseas. Returning on 24 October. Will endeavour to host on my return if we are able to arrange before departure. We keep kosher and Shabbat.

  • To my wife and mine beloved ancestors

  • In memory of my beloved parents Teppy and Tilly Shein

  • In blessed memory of Ruzena and Ferdinand Vesely &

  • may Hashem bless my parents,Janet and Bob Kramer,with many more years of health and simcha

  • My Mum and Dad, Rae and Issy Josephson

  • Dedicate to my late mother Hensha Bas Yosef

  • The Shabbos Project 2014 is dedicated to the West Street shul Families. Thanks for keeping it together!!!

  • I dedicate this Shabbos to my late Zeida Alexander (Alec) Lotz and Bobba Thea Mathilda Lotz (nee May) . I've kept Shabbat for over 3 years and the Island in time is an essential part of my life.

  • “If I am not for me, who is for me; and if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?” Hillel Together with the rest of the world, we will keep the shabbat of 24/25 October

  • To all those friends, teachers and family that kept/keep my Jewish Spirit burning - thank you. There is nothing I value more.

  • I dedicate this mitzvah to the memory of my mom Basha bas Menashe

  • Dedicated to the Jewish community of South Florida!

  • to all

  • Kol hakavod to this vital project! B'ezrat HaShem we will bring about a global shmirat shabbat - and the next time - lets do 2 in a row!

  • For my Israeli family, Meg, Rav Natan, Ella, Tiferret and Uriel, who will be observing Shabbat in Israel - may it be a Shabbat heralding peace for all in Israel for many, many years to come.

  • I dedicate this to my late grandpa who found a place where he felt like he belonged, and on his passing allowed to find that place too. its been 3 years and I miss you every day

  • In memory of my late dad Chaim Esaya B/r Moshe Nochum and my late brother Moshe Nochum B/r Chaim Esaya

  • I dedicate this Shabbos project in the name of Devorah Henna Chaya Bat Rochel Leah who passed away recently after her fight with cancer.

  • In memory of Eliezer Yisroel ben Mordechai who is loved and missed every day.

  • Tizku lemitzvot! I am awed and humbled to merge my family into the global Jewish family, faithful servants of Hashem. May He find favour in our service and reward us with more opportunities to serve.

  • I dedicate this mitzvah in memory of Gidon ben Zvi (z"l)