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Yvette Bolaffi

I was coming home from a session of radiotherapy and suddenly my car knocked the pavement and blew a tyre. Imagine on the highway with traffic going crazy at 6 pm. I could not contact my husband because he took the phone off the hook to have a little rest. I stoped not knowing what to do then sudden... more...

מודי גולדצוייג

We hosted a Friday night meal in Tel aviv for a few buildings named Migdalei David. We rented the restaurant from the communal pool and made everything kosher. We had over 80 people that signed up. We heard of the most remarkable stories. One doctor recounted how her family is not religious and its... more...

Nicola Miltz

AND THIS IS HOW IT WAS AT CHABAD OF SANDTON SHABBOS PROJECT 2014. It was Divine, doll. No seriously, it was Divine from start to finish. It had to have been. It doesn’t just happen. Spectacular and amazing don’t just happen. From Sunset on Friday October 24 to Sunset and a bit on Saturday Octo... more...

syd goldberg

Last year we observed in Bethlehem and missed all the fun. This year we had a fabulous Shabbat at Pine Street Shul. My best moment was walking hone on Friday evening at about 11pm past a home with the garage door open where a meal was held. I called out Good Shabbos and the reply was come and have... more...

Sharon Gomer

Hi to everyone who was involved in the Shabbos Project 2014 Not only did you keep it together but you are getting a nomination for the Oscar (not for films) but for starting from a small project in SA to one that is now known and carried out worldwide. You put us on the map and boy oh boy did y... more...

Basha Kline

Outer London
Just to thank you for "switching us on to your project" - it was very peaceful and fulfilling and knowing so many people were participating in the same heartfelt service, to remind us who we are, made the Sabbath even more meaningful.... more...


MY SHABBOS PROJECT EXPERIENCE Participating in the Shabbos Project was a wonderful experience for me. One word comes to mind when I reflect on the weekend, and that is “connection”. During Shabbos, I felt connected to my past, the many services I attended and time spent with relatives. ... more...

Adam Herbst

On behalf of the West Side COJO, I am writing to thank you for your participation in Manhattan's first "Shabbos Project". So many shuls around the City took part in this wonderful unity movement in unprecedented numbers and we believe it is truly changing the Jewish World. We are proud to have j... more...

Ruth Meltz

Our Shabbos project was spent with a Breslov family that was left in Johannesburg as they couldn’t afford a ticket to go back to Israel. It was a very special Shabbos. They really know how to make Shabbos the way its supposed to be. They showed us what Shabbos is supposed to be like with singin... more...

Shimshon Silkin

Borehamwood & Elstree
In amongst the worldwide celebration of Shabbos this past weekend, the town of Borehamwood and Elstree was a veritable hive of activity. Beis Yisrael shul was in the thick of the action beginning with a hugely successful Friday morning Shabbos booth. Outside Orli bakery, in the middle of the town’... more...


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