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Diane Smilanick

We are conservative Kosher keeping Jews who have decided to do more for Shabbat. My daughter Sonja and I went to the Challah Baking Event, which was great. We tried our best to keep Shabbat but need much more education and assistance. It was easy not to watch TV, or drive or use the computer or phon... more...

Lisa Silver

For the last several weeks you have probably seen a lot of advertisements for Shabbat Project, a global event celebrating Shabbat across the world. There was countless advertisements on facebook, through the different Synagogue communities, signs all over this city. What does it all mean? Well, i... more...

faurence lriedman

The funny thing about that Shabbos is that my 10 year old thought we had a countdown untill the end- kind of like a fast day.we are not frum ,but keep kosher and moving towards Hashem.We had a truley amazing family day.no TV,No electronics just a wonderfull family unit - well done to the SA Chief Ra... more...

Gabriela Patlallan

Buenos Aires
I want to thank for the beautiful Shabat i had with a family that i just met through the page of Shabbosproject.com. Having a Shabat dinner with completely strangers but sure that we are Jews made us to feel very confortable with each other. Thank you again for giving us this opportunity to meet a... more...

Malka van Bemmelen

I reached out to my jewish neighbor Melissa, who is completely unobservant, and we had her and her African American husband of 30? years join us for Friday night dinner. We know her as she walks her dog around the neighborhood, and she is friendly. They have a boy and girl in their low to mid 20's ... more...

Abir Schweizer

I'm a lone Jew in my town in Arkansas. This Shabbos I felt the spirit of Hashem with the spirit of every other yid baking challah, making cholent, davening, and loving Hashem. You can never feel alone on a Shabbos like that.... more...

מודי גולדצוייג

We hosted a Friday night meal in Tel aviv for a few buildings named Migdalei David. We rented the restaurant from the communal pool and made everything kosher. We had over 80 people that signed up. We heard of the most remarkable stories. One doctor recounted how her family is not religious and its... more...

Nicola Miltz

AND THIS IS HOW IT WAS AT CHABAD OF SANDTON SHABBOS PROJECT 2014. It was Divine, doll. No seriously, it was Divine from start to finish. It had to have been. It doesn’t just happen. Spectacular and amazing don’t just happen. From Sunset on Friday October 24 to Sunset and a bit on Saturday Octo... more...

syd goldberg

Last year we observed in Bethlehem and missed all the fun. This year we had a fabulous Shabbat at Pine Street Shul. My best moment was walking hone on Friday evening at about 11pm past a home with the garage door open where a meal was held. I called out Good Shabbos and the reply was come and have... more...

Sharon Gomer

Hi to everyone who was involved in the Shabbos Project 2014 Not only did you keep it together but you are getting a nomination for the Oscar (not for films) but for starting from a small project in SA to one that is now known and carried out worldwide. You put us on the map and boy oh boy did y... more...


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