Noreen Swartzberg

I Read about Shabbat Project, Found couples in the area, who had non Jewish Partners & children. I thought this would be an ideal time to bring everyone together, To let the children , partners learn about a Shabbat Evening, with prayers, songs & the telling of how Shab... more...

Lanny Rootenberg

My wife, son and I have lived in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada since 1989. I was happy - and sad to receive an email from the organizing committee that the King David High School Class of '75 in Johannesburg, South Africa, is having a 40th reunion in Israel in April 22-25, 2015. Happy that people... more...

Shaun Wingrin

Shiur-On-Sally’s Shabbos Project 5775 for Jewish Senior Citizens Hashem has blessed us and over 40 Jewish Senior Citizens living in a Private Retirement Home with a most uplifting Shabbos Project experience. The build up to the Shabbos began with the launch, on the Sunday prior to the Shabbos Pro... more...

Gil & Debbie Gross

It seems quite likely that my wife, Debbie, and I were the sole Shabbat Project participants in Cochin, India. On the surface, that seems quite poignant, because Cochin’s now tiny Jewish community has a very long and colourful history. On Friday afternoon, shortly before candle lighting time, I bo... more...

Danielle Sprecher

West Bloomfield
I grew up having Shabbos all of my life at my Grandma and Grandpa's home. I have since taken over the tradition and so for the Shabbos project weekend I decided to open my home to friends that do not have Shabbos. They were so appreciative and grateful that I invited them. The most rewarding par... more...

Miriam Shelly

I only really came into Judaism a few years ago, yes I was Jewish but didn't even really know. I now attend a Jewish school and Judaism is really a huge part of my life however shabbat is not something I observe or even look at with any particular important. However when I first heard about the shab... more...

Richard Noar

The Shabbos Project was absolutely amazing: In the run up to it we were planning a quiet family weekend. however on the Wednesday beforehand we were contacted by five travelling Israelis who are religious and were on holiday and to cut a long story short, they joined us for Shabbat. We had an amazi... more...

Ian Seider

Cape Town
I was very moved having read the stories that have come through. I'm 71yrs and want you all to know that I regard you all as part of my family and end this with love. Great stuff!!!... more...

Brendi Waks

After an incredibly stressful few weeks on the Radlett United Synagogue's Shabbat UK committee, it was a relief to have nothing more to organise on the Shabbat. My thought, going into Shabbat, was 'Why would I NOT want to keep Shabbat?' I wouldn't have to schlepp the kids all over the place, I wou... more...

mike morrison

philip is a one off kohl hakavod to him for working so hard on the project his dad would be so proud of him... more...


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