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hope berman

my mother savta mina z'l started Shabbat on Tuesday,,thinking Wednesday shopping Thursday baking Friday cooking Shabbat resting ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh tsum gezunt... more...

Abir Schweizer

I found myself searching for a purpose. Politics, school, music, nothing was the answer to my purpose. Accidentally, while looking for a program to learn Hebrew, I found a program that instead, connected my soul with the purpose Hashem gave me. I met the greatest friends, chavrutim, and Shabbos ... more...

sheila botton

My Mom. She is dedicated, hard working, trustworthy, loving, generous and kind. She stood by me as a child and continues to do so for my family. She is always there for support. I love her very much, but of course, with life's overwhelming speedy race, we forget to say the magic words and not spen... more...

gadi levy

I want to share a story that I heard from Rav Shimshon Pinkus about Shabbos. He personally heard it from the grandson of the one it happened to. In the early 1900's a young immigrant Jewish family were being kicked out of their home as they were not able to afford the rent. The family had remained t... more...

gadi levy

Subsequently the children and grandchildren of the wealthy man remained true to their commitment and faith. Their family grew and today they have hundreds of offspring who are committed to the Shabbos and the Jewish religion.... more...

CL vd Plaat

Getting a message from one of our friends who passed by the Glicks bakery shop in Westfield, Melbourne telling us how much fun the kids had with two project that where going on 7 sponsored by Glicks, we decided to pass by as well. Glad we did. Seeing Jews from all walks of life and non Jews working... more...

bnot rachel high school high school

Brooklyn N.Y.
We are a girls hs. The students learn about shabbos but need inspiration This week we set up many of our students by teachers for shabbat and are having a great oneg shabbat planned for all We are also offering a thurs nite challah bake class. We want to be part of it!!... more...

Chana Sokol

I told people in U.S. and Israel about the project and it does not need my personal kiruv, so it is great that it is bigger than me--just go to your website and the largeness of it is something my kiruv work has never known, just superbly cosmic in energy!!! excellent!... more...

baruch harris

#ElevatingItTogether The Shabbat Project had generated tremendous excitement and international recognition. Jews from hundreds of cities are pledging to Keep it Together, to celebrate and honor Shabbat from sundown to nightfall this Shabbat, November 24th - 25th. The unity created by Am Yisroel c... more...

Rachel Grabowiecki

There is only one story to tell....we are all one and together we said on Mt. Sinai, " We will do and we will listen"...this is our chance to do, because we are one and this will make us bond and create the unity we need to stand strong and forever and to bring blessings to our lives!!! Please just ... more...


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