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eric izak zenou

New York
as a former shabbat keeper,because of life s tribulations,i stopped keeping shabbat from the halachic point of view, but the idea of unity in a concrete way just strike me , felt the support in the world all together, kind of a " machiah moment", i need that ,we need that, be one!... finally! chab... more...

Jessica Askari

Great neck
Shabbat is the ultimate day. It's the day where nothing matters other then family time. The day to unwind the day of rest. Running around all week with the daily routine, Shabbat gives me one day to slow down, one day to truly enjoy my family. Shabbat shalom... more...

Frieda Rinia

I would like to share a little about my dear friend, Isaak Grünfeld (alias: I. Branicki) of blessed memory. He lived in Polen and Russia in a time in which making a living was not so simple particularly if one was Jewish and wanted to observe Shabbos. Luckily he managed to run away from Polen and g... more...

miriam bottner

our small shul in scottsdale AZ, Ahavas Torah, has 90 member units - families or singles or couples- of which about 40 are shomrei shabbat. for the SHABBOS project 80 are staying in the neighbourhood- at homes or the nearby hotel- to keep shabbos together! that's over 90% !! it's thrilling! we hav... more...

Naftali Karp

I would like to share a little about my grandfather, Mr. Abe Schmell, of blessed memory. He lived in a time in which making a living was not so simple particularly if one wanted to observe Shabbos. My namesake my great grandfather lost many jobs due to his commitment to Shabbos, eventually opening u... more...

Tamara Guinsberg

I have the privilege of working with an unbelievable team on the Shabbos Project. I have met and spoken to so many interesting people around the world. Take it from me, nothing is more exciting then what is happening right now! Join me and lets #keepittogether!!!!!... more...

Keren Finger

If you asked me a year ago, what I wanted to do in the near future I would say, work for The Shabbos Project. The Project that captured the world's imagination really caught mine. I would catch myself dreaming up some big ideas of how to join the team. When the opportunity arose for me to join, I... more...

Malki Connack

Who would have thought a year down the line, something that started in South Africa as a grassroots movement has now become an international movement. The Shabbos Project has not only captured my heart, it has captured the hearts of millions around the world. One of the highlights of my experience w... more...


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