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When the Message is clear

автор Daniela Lowinger ‎
Panama City, Panama

A couple of days after the Shabat Project we were seeing the results of our Shabat
Challenge. We received from all the groups participanting in the Challenge small
envelopes with Tzedaka money. One envelope that was part on the Shabat Challenge was
giving Tzedaka before Hafrashat Challa and the other envelope was for Tzedaka before
lightning Shabat candles.
As I was sitting with the Rabanit of our community opening the envelopes and making an
account of all the money received we kept writing the amounts on a brown paper bag. As
we finished counting and summing, we were startled to see the amount of money:
How incredible to see that Hashem send us messages in so many ways.. even in the small
envelopes that all together represent all our mitzvoth and Shabat.