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Soulful. Refreshing. Replenishing.

автор Isaac Attia ‎
Long Beach, United States

Soulful. Refreshing. Replenishing. These are the words that come to mind when thinking of when our group of 20 joined at the Rabbi's backyard for an intimate Jewish meditation experience led by professional Dr. Hillel Broder. Starting off with modeh ani and a teaching of Rav Kook, we settled our bodies and minds, connecting deeper to ourselves and with the Divine. It started out a bit chilly, but soon all of that didn't matter because there was an energy that we tapped into, that nothing else at that moment really mattered. As we began standing for the amidah, our silent devotion prayer, the sun came out and everyone warmed up. We ended with a kiddush in honor of a yahrtzeit, and a celebration of two new grandchildren (different families) who were born the day before! The soul is always praying. That Shabbat morning, we tapped into it. As a participant, I came out beaming, feeling invigorated, knowing that we had accessed a part of ourselves and prayer we rarely get to do.