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Shabbat project 2021

автор Tiferet Ester D. ‎
Prague, Czech Republic

Hi, my name is Tiferet Ester, mum of two, we keep shabbat every week k’hilchatah, be”H.
Last year participated in Shabbat project 2020 online on Zoom (due to corona restrictions), so when an opportunity came to attend the shabbat project in person this year 2021, I didn’t hesitated to apply. I joined the challa baking and it was truly inspiring for me, a group of local women gathered to do the mitzva of baking and separating the challa, in a friendly and open atmosphere, regardles the level of keeping mitzvot, age or any other differences.
Also, the shabbat project team prepared a special cookbook with many different challah recipes from families in our community. Can’t wait to try them all!
Big thanks to rebecin Peter, mrs. Nemcova and everybody in the realisation team.