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Open Tent

автор Marcelle Mervis ‎
Potomac, United States

People were very happy to see their neighbors and meet new neighbors. They are mostly not observant, but enjoyed the shabbat atmosphere - elevated by our retired Chazan singing Kiddush and a few Shabbat songs. He also explained the significance of Netilat Yadayim, hamotzi snd benching. He sang one paragraph of the benching. We tried not to overdo it. People followed the Hebrew or English in laminated prayer sheets, which they could take home. It was heartwarming and unexpected to see about half of the guests participate in the prayers. Shabbat Project video was sent out with the invitations. That, and Shabbos Project posters helped put people in Shabbos mood. Candle lighting before dinner, welcomed Shabbat and was touching for many. The comments we got included appreciation of the Chazan singing and the candle lighting. People were so happy to be able to share this special experience with their friends, in a Covid safe environment. Everyone has had enough of being isolated.