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And He appeared !!

автор Joanne Yoshida ‎
Tokyo, Japan

It was our second year to participate in the Shabbat Project, and we were excited to once more make the letters of `Vayera` in Hebrew letters in Challah!! Just as we were about to start, the doorbell rang and it was a delivery person, here in our small city in Japan. He delivered a package, and I opened it right away! It was a box of Shabbos Candles!! It seemed so perfect, as we were getting ready to do our event ,and even though we were just two of us making Challah, we are a part of the whole Shabbat around the world, all shining our lights to bring HaShem`s light into the world on this Shabbos! Because it was the Shabbos of Vayera, we came expecting that the L-RD would `appear` !!

The rest of the challah shaping went so smooth and was wonderful to be in His presence as we enjoyed shaping the dough into the Hebrew letters to spell the words `Vayera` and `Yisrael`!!!

Thank you for the chance to participate, we hope to join again and add more words and bring more people to join, as well as join in others events! Shabbat Shalom!!