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It all began in South Africa back in 2013 when Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein called on the local community to experience the magic of one full Shabbat.

Shabbat is an age-old holiday that has bound the Jewish people together for generations. To create a sense of renewal within the community, the Chief Rabbi offered a simple solution: Jews from all walks of life – across the spectrum of religious affiliation, young and old, and from all corners of the world – come together to celebrate this day of rest.

The initiative was such a runaway success that communities around the world began calling the rabbi asking to participate the following year. And thus The Shabbat Project was born.

Since the first project’s inception, X events have been celebrated in more than Y cities around the world. Endless celebrities have jumped on board to promote this grassroots movement. And it continues to grow.

The Shabbat Project is about creating a new Jewish future together.

Help grow The Shabbot Project.

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"The most ambitious Jewish identity initiative ever undertaken"- Jerusalem Post
"...An experiment that has no precedent in modern Jewish history"- Mishpacha magazine
"A global movement"- Washington Post
"A global movement"- Washington Post
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Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein is the current Chief Rabbi of South Africa and the founder of The Shabbat Project. He has launched and led a number of revolutionary initiatives that have changed the landscape of both his own community and world Jewry. A qualified dayan, Rabbi Goldstein has published several books, including Sefer Mishpat Tzedek, Defending the Human Spirit and The Legacy. The Chief Rabbi has a PhD in human rights and constitutional law and is a regular columnist for The Jerusalem Post.

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