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Partner with us. Make a difference in your community

From intimate Shabbat dinners to virtual Havdalah concerts, share the magic of Shabbat.

Say yes to new opportunities. Meet new faces and make new friends within your community. Bake a challah for that new neighbor. Reach out to an old friend. Spread the joy of Shabbat far and wide. Partner with the project to create a memorable Shabbat experience, November 7-8 2020, that will inspire and transform your community.

The Shabbat Project is a global, grassroots movement that unites Jews around the magic of Shabbat. Since its founding in 2014 x partners have helped create a truly global community by supporting events in over 1,685 cities, touching almost one million Jews annually.

Help us inspire, educate and empower.

Let the planning begin

Shabbat is a special time to come together, to be with family, friends, neighbours, co-workers and strangers both near and far. This year, we are not sure if we will be able to come together physically, but we can still be together more than ever with exciting virtual events leading up to Shabbat and after Shabbat connecting our global community.

We have put together some great ideas for events, including tips, tricks and ready-to-go content, helping you to host an event with 2, 10, 100 or thousands of people – online. Feel free to use our ideas, tweak them or to create your own!

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Ready to go resources

Make use of our advertising efforts to connect to your entire community. We reach out to the world. They reach out to you.

Get event sign-ups and interest with our:

Full-scale digital and print marketing campaigns
Location-based event platform
Inspiring content library
Global energy

Create something amazing with the help of our supportive team. Sketch out plans, unravel challenges and fine-tune logistics with support from Shabbat Project HQ.

We’ve always got your back, with:

Phone support
Email support
Live chat support

Create your memorable Shabbat Project 2020 event

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