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Sara Sirota Lazar

We Jews love to celebrate! Be it a wedding, Bar Mitzvah or any happy occasion.. Shabbat is also a day of celebration as well as prayer. Which is why I think I love Shabbat so much. What Shabbat means to me is not just a day of rest but also a day of joy, celebration of family, life and commitment to G-d. Every Friday I'm home cooking all day cause Friday night my doors are open to anyone looking for a Shabbat experience. Living in the West island for the past 8 years has been and continues to be a wonderful experience because we have guests that have never experienced a Shabbat dinner. Many families and students come over for dinner...
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The Boys Clubhouse

The Boys Clubhouse in London joined forces with millions of Jews worldwide in “keeping it together”. Although the shabbaton was only put together hastily, the turnout and atmosphere was tremendous. Over 30 teenage boys from a variety of backgrounds, including those who do not usually keep Shabbat and others who do but need chizuk in their Shabbat observance were treated to a full itinerary from start to finish. This was all coordinated and arranged by Moishe Frankel, Ari Leaman and Nooky Chissick.The programme began on Fri evening with Tefilla at Jle to welcome the Shabbat Queen. After an inspiring speech from Rabbi Kirsch the boys enjoyed a Lecha Dodi not to be forgotten with spontaneous dancing at the end.Dinner...
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Debra Levin

A Shabbat ‘made in heaven’. That was the lasting impression left with Rabbi Danny Bergson following Pinner Shul’s Shabbat UK extravaganza.It began on the evening of Thursday 23 October when some 100 women and girls of all ages came together to learn the art of making challah with the community’s Rebbetzen Anna Bergson, ably assisted by Ealing’s Rebbetzen Zelda Vogel.As well as being shown how to produce the dough for this traditional Jewish loaf, participants had the opportunity to plait their own bread which was then taken home and baked to be eaten over the weekend. The evening also raised £165 which was donated to Jewish Women’s Aid.Challot together with a cooked chicken and a variety...
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Brendi Waks

After an incredibly stressful few weeks on the Radlett United Synagogue's Shabbat UK committee, it was a relief to have nothing more to organise on the Shabbat. My thought, going into Shabbat, was 'Why would I NOT want to keep Shabbat?' I wouldn't have to schlepp the kids all over the place, I would never have to ask them to switch off the electronics - the bane of my life - and I wouldn't have to do any chores? Instead, I would have real conversations with my kids and husband, no one would rush off from the table after meals, I could reflect on the week and all I'd accomplished, we could play family games, all go for a...
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Basha Kline

Outer London
Just to thank you for "switching us on to your project" - it was very peaceful and fulfilling and knowing so many people were participating in the same heartfelt service, to remind us who we are, made the Sabbath even more meaningful.
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Uri Benguigui

We have special friday meal and a moroccan shabbat meal after the reading of oursefer Torah.At 5:45 tomorrow we’ll have also mincha and special seudat shelishit.Enjoy and join the Shabbat worldwide.
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Yehuda Vorst

Shabbaton with thirty five people.People stayed with families that live walking distance from the synagogue, some stayed in hotels and some walked more than an hour both Friday evening and again shabbat morning…A full 25 hours, in / around the synagogue, shabbat meals, learning, people sharing personal shabbat inspiration.
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Frieda Rinia

I would like to share a little about my dear friend, Isaak Grünfeld (alias: I. Branicki) of blessed memory. He lived in Poland and Russia in a time in which making a living was not so simple particularly if one was Jewish and wanted to observe Shabbos. Luckily he managed to run away from Poland and got asylum in The Netherlands.Further: Our small shul in Nijmegen, a city in The Netherlands, has round about 80 – 90 member units: families, singles, couples. Some of them keeping Shabbat according to halachic rules. Now I heard that a lot of our community will keep the Shabbat of 24/25 october according to the halachic rules. I keep this Shabbat together with 3 other women of our...
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Miriam Feigelstock

On friday women and girls got together to prapare challah, while the dough was rising we ate lunch and had a class on the deeper meaning of challah and shabbat. Many people came to shul friday night. Rabbi Levi Feigelstock spoke about the special shabbat being kept all over the world. The whole shabbat you could feel that special atmosphere of being united with all jews doing this beautiful mitzvah.
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Daniela Lowinger

Panama City
Here in Panama, we had several activities related to the Shabbos project. Starting with arts and crafts programme attended by over 120 children. The Shabbat Expo consisted of different stations in which about 250 women learnt how to make Shabbat desserts in just a few minutes, as well as different salads and sushi. Our Challah Bake took place on the 22nd of October and was attended by 400 women. The joy and energy at the Challah Bake was something I cannot describe. Over the course of Shabbat, Shabbat dinners were held in private homes, with families hosting one another. We had more people that wanted to host than to be hosted, so those who did not¨get a match¨made sure to find...
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Daniela Cherem

Mexico City
Hi !!! Im Daniela Hamui from Mexico City !!we were very excited from the beginning that we Heard this idea And this project !!!I want to share our experience.In our street there aré many buildings that live jewish people!! So we decided to make a big kidush saturday morning for all the people. There was place for 300 persons and it was full (like 30% they weren't shomer Shabat )!!!!! We needed to tell many persons that there was no more place!!!Our plan was like this :On thursday it was a Very big Challa in 2 different places the first One was with 1500 Womens And the 2nd with 500 more, all the Womens were crying at the end of this activity.On friday night...
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Danielle Sprecher

West Bloomfield
I grew up having Shabbos all of my life at my Grandma and Grandpa's home. I have since taken over the tradition and so for the Shabbos project weekend I decided to open my home to friends that do not have Shabbos. They were so appreciative and grateful that I invited them. The most rewarding part was when one of the women repeatedly said I inspired her to have a Shabbos dinner for her son and his family at least 1 x month. She also unboxed her mother's shabbos candlesticks to display and use them. I also had a wonderful time making challah with my daughter and a close friend. We met someone at our table who showed us many different...
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Malka VAn Bemmelen

I reached out to my jewish neighbor Melissa, who is completely unobservant, and we had her and her African American husband of 30? years join us for Friday night dinner.We know her as she walks her dog around the neighborhood, and she is friendly. They have a boy and girl in their low to mid 20's that are in college/working.We had 2 of our girls home (ages 20, 22) and 3 of their out of town college friends over, and it was a lively, fun meal.After we benched and cleared the table, the girls moved to the kitchen and our guests stayed for another hour, just talking to us. They must have enjoyed themselves that they didn't want to leave.I...
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Albert Joseph

Sugar Land
We experienced the hospitality of many orthodox Jewish families at their homes. They opened their homes and hearts to us and we felt very welcome and sensed we were part of their families. Many offered us to partake another Shabbos at their home. The food was delicious, sinful and tasty. If anyone went home hungry, it was their own fault.The events were very well organized and went off without a hitch. Kudos to everyone who helped in this monumental undertaking.The torah study sessions were very interesting as presented by the speakers. We learnt a lot about Jewish wisdom and halacha and enjoyed it.We feel fortunate to have been invited to participate in the Shabbos Project and will...
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Susan Marbin

What an incredible event!! I loved the learning and, the opportunity to experience a strong sense of community. The relaxed atmosphere resulting from disassociation from work, computers, phones, etc enabled everyone to really appreciate the time to enjoy each other's company. This was the first Shabbos like this for my husband and me---and we loved it!Many thanks to TORCH, Congregation Beth Rambam and Young Israel of Houston for organizing a phenomenal program!Looking forward to future Shabbos Project events…
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Goldy Goodman

Spring Valley
Having experienced many Kiruv shabbosim being part of the Traveling Chassidim I thought I knew what to expect being part of the Shabbos Project but boy was I mistaken. The brilliance of sharing Shabbos with guest in our homes and communities has helped break so many barriers between the Jewish sects. It didn't matter if you had white kippa, knit kipa, velvet, hat, shtreimel or nothing at all. We all came together singing and dancing our way thru shabbos. The highlights of shabbos according to our guest was the Traveling Chassidim Kabolas Shabbos which moved them to tears and then to joyous dancing throughout the davening. We had the opportunity get the the Nikelsburg grand Rebbi come talk and sing...
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Laurie Cohen

We kicked off The Shabbos Project in Silver Spring, Maryland, with over 50 women and girls of all ages and backgrounds, gathering at Southeast Hebrew Congregation-Knesset Yehoshua (SEHC-KY), Thursday night for a Kneading it Together Challah Making Workshop, sponsored in part by the Jewish Food Experience. Event organizer, Sharon Graff and her team, had everything ready for each person to make their own batch of challah, and learn new and fun braiding techniques. We all got in the mood and inspired to delve into this special mitzvah, by first watching the video of the huge turnout at last year's Challah Bake in South Africa. Led by Rebbetzin Fruma Frost, women learned the spiritual significance of each ingredient and of the steps...
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Rachel Tesler

A chill caught through my coat. The darkness seemed to blanket everything, obstructing my vision. Though I felt sure of my steps in the night, the shocking unevenness of pavement to grass to puddle unsteadied my resolve. As I continued, the low hum of voices caught me. The volume increased, guiding me and soon a crowd seemed to call to me. I finally came upon my destination: The Shabbat Project Tent of The Kol-El in Sharon.Its glow radiated magnetically. Children weaved in and out of the tent, followed close behind by smiling friends and parents. The instant warmth hit me and ushered me inside. Its walls were lined by friendly faces, old and new. Course after course of shabbat...
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Sara Damelin

“The synagogue’s projection system is old and unreliable. We were told (after the event!) that when a certain light comes on, the system shuts down and noone ever knows when it will come back on. Well, during our Challah Bake the light came on and the system continued to function for at least another 45 minutes. Baruch Hashem!”Friday night meals were held across Savannah neighborhoods, and, Sara explains, "there were many people looking to accommodate guests who could not find any as everyone was already taken”. Synagogue was much better attended than usual and there were a lot less cars in the parking lot and on the street. 289 people attended a Shabbat lunch at the main synagogue, and rather...
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Gadi Levy

I want to share a story that I heard from Rav Shimshon Pinkus about Shabbos. He personally heard it from the grandson of the one it happened to. In the early 1900′s a young immigrant Jewish family were being kicked out of their home as they were not able to afford the rent. The family had remained true to their Jewish traditions and the father refused to go in to work on Shabbos. He had lost job after job and finally his reputation got ahead of him, and he was not able to get a job at all. It was a cold bitter winter when the entire family were kicked out onto the uninviting streets of New York. With the...
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Chary Greengart

Others may believe that they invented Family Game Night, but for over 30 years, Shabbos (Friday) night has been our family game night. After our delicious Shabbos meal was eaten and cleaned up we would have dessert and play a game. It started with just the two of us and then continued with our children. It continues to this day. It is just one of the many wonderful ways that Shabbos helps us relax, enjoy simplicity and reconnect with our loved ones. Family unity is such an important concept in Judaism. Sharing the Shabbos meals, lively insightful dvar Torahs and later enjoy a game and dessert helps unite family members. Any disagreements or bad feelings that were there before candle lighting ...
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Stacie Atiya

Fair Lawn
Had an incredible experience in Monsey, NY with other families celebrating. It was simply amazing. At the end, there was a concert by the Traveling Chassidism. In the audience there were girls in mini skirts standing next to men with fur hats and that to me symbolized this Shabbos - ALL jews celebrating together. It was a wonderful, inspiring experience and I really appreciate it
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Slovie Jungreis - Wolff

I wanted to share with you the letter I sent out to the women I teach who joined me at the challah bake. They came with their teen daughters and left inspired to be Jewish women and feeling the incredible unity of our nation. We are counting the days till next year!Slovie Jungreis Wolff, from Hineni (www.hineni.org)
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Jonathan Gerewitz

Several people I spoke to lamented that they were unsuccessful in getting the guests they tried to invite.I reminded them (and posted on Facebook) that KeepingItTogether can be done within our own families by discussing how Kiddush is our weekly testimony to HaShem’s creation and running of the world.I pointed out that we can infuse our own tables with more Shabbos zemiros, and study the laws of Shabbat.Even those who do it every week can experience a Shabbos like they never have before.Thank you Shabbos Project!
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Eric Izak Zenou

New York
as a former shabbat keeper,because of life s tribulations,i stopped keeping shabbat from the halachic point of view, but the idea of unity in a concrete way just strike me , felt the support in the world all together, kind of a ” machiah moment”, i need that ,we need that, be one!… finally! chabat chalom to all.
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