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Shabbos in a box

by Chumie Jacobson
Boca Raton, United States

Hi there. My name is Chumie Jacobson, and I am the co-events coordinator together with Mrs Tamara Gluck for our Shul, Young Israel of Boca Raton. We were thinking what to do for the Shabbos project and opted instead of a Challah bake, to make a "Shabbos-in-a-box" packing night and distribution plan. We solicited items from local vendors (mostly donated or highly subsidized) and had a fun packing night for ladies with words of inspiration from our rebbetzin and a baalas teshuva member who told us about the impact we can have on the lives of our less affiliated neighbors. everyone signed up to give to their neighbors, co-workers, doctors, baristas, etc so that we knew in advance how many boxes to make. We ended up giving out 50 boxes and they were SO well received. We downloaded some materials from your site, and included those, along with a letter from our Rabbi and some general "whats in this box" instructions and explanation of this weeks' "Shabbos project". We had a tiny bag with a matchbox and tea lights, mini grape juice, a challah, havdala candle, bisomim, transliterated bracha cards for all of those rituals and a shabbos party baggie with nosh for boxes going to families with children. Recipients told us how excited they were to celebrate Shabbos and and how touched they were by the gesture. we anticipate this being a stepping stone for our community to expand our outreach activities and thank the Shabbos Project for helping to make this happen!