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Apple and Honey Challah
jul. 7, 2021

Give this challah recipe a try and your home will be filled with the sweet smell of apples and cinnamon. So good, your guests won't leave before asking you: May I Have That Recipe?

by Vicky Cohen and Ruth Fox
Cheesecake Shavuot
may. 5, 2021

Guarda el queso

Si, leíste bien. ¡Y no te decepcionará! La receta de JewishFoodHero’s para hacer un ‘cheesecake’ de limón vegano lleno de sabor y exquisito. Lo único que le falta es queso. Mira la receta aquí para prepararla en tu casa.

Cheesecake Shavuot
may. 1, 2021

Hold the cheese

Yes, you read it correctly! And you won’t be disappointed. JewishFoodHero’s recipe for a vegan lemon ‘cheesecake’ is not short on taste, decadence or deliciousness.

Brooke lark oaz0rays A Sk unsplash
oct. 20, 2020

Plant-based eating and Shabbat go well together, says Lisa Apfelberg, director, Shamayim: Jewish Animal Advocacy. And the diet most consistent with honoring our planet is one that is plant-based.

by Lisa Apfelberg
Shutterstock 476812717 copy
oct. 18, 2017
If the thought of pulling off a three-course shabbos dinner sends you into a spin, and grocery shopping leaves you cold, if you’ve barely heard of Nigella or Jamie, and entertaining guests feels like Everest, this blog is for you.
by Sharon Lurie
may. 30, 2016
The Shabbat Project finds its challah recipe for 2016.
by The Shabbos Project
Challah Kugel
feb. 2, 2016
Learn how to serve a bread pudding fashioned from last week’s challah at the following week’s Shabbat meal.
by Carol Ungar
Banana and Peanut Butter French Toast Susie Fishbein
dic. 13, 2015
Leftover challah? Susie Fishbein shares a delicious way to use it up!
by Susie Fishbein
12 piece pull apart challah copy
dic. 10, 2015
Carol Ungar shares a simple and fun way to fashion a twelve-part challah.
by ​Carol Ungar
1 1 2 Sharon Lurie
dic. 6, 2015
Doubling up makes it twice as easy! 1 + 1 = 2 meals Friday night chicken dinner = fusion chicken salad for Shabbos lunch.
by Sharon Lurie
Kneading Dough Challah Tali Frankel
nov. 27, 2015
This year, the Shabbos project united six continents, with communities all over the globe weaving together all the diversity in our lives and our world for a peaceful harmony and unity that only the Shabbos can achieve.
by Tali Frankel
Poop Dweck Flatbreads
nov. 25, 2015
Bread, no matter how basic it is, plays a significant role in Jewish life. Chef Poopa Dweck shares her Syrian Flatbread recipes with us.
by Poopa Dweck
Promocionado Recipes
Sophia Young: Recipes (Recipes for Shabbat)
by Sophia Young