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The Great Big Zoom Challah Bake

oct. 21, 202120:30
Jerusalem, Israel
Amasado de Jala

🎉🥖 *The Great Big Zoom Challah Bake* 🍞🎉

*When* : Thursday, October 21

*Time* : 8:30pm

*Where* : Zoom

*What* : make challah with fellow Jews to celebrate the Shabbos Project!

Come learn the significance of each ingredient and hear some inspiring stories

From the comfort of your own kitchen!


2 eggs

1 Cup oil

2 bags sifted flour

1 Cup+ sugar

Yeast (8.5 tsp)

4 Cups water (divided)

(This is enough to make the Bracha of hafrashat challah. It makes around 8 big challahs. You can also do a smaller recipe and combine your dough with someone else's to make the Bracha)

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