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Global Jewish Pen Pal Program Challah Bake

oct. 24, 2021
Cleveland, United States
Amasado de Jala

Join the Global Jewish Pen Pal Program for a free, Zoom Challah Bake for pen pals in our program. (Not yet a pen pal in our program? Send us an email! We would love to invite you to attend this event as a guest.) All time zones and all ages welcome. An international lecturer and educator will lead us step by step through the process of making your very own challah. The Executive Director of Challah for Hunger will give a short talk about the history of Challah for Hunger, (a non-profit that uses challah to take action against hunger and food insecurity), the work the organization has done in the past, and what the organization is looking forward to in the years to come. And, you will have the opportunity to meet and have conversations with Jews from all around the world!
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