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Challa Chalenge



We are so happy that you have chosen to be a partner in the Shabbat Challah Challenge in celebration of the global Shabbat Project!

The global Shabbat Project aims to connect and bring together millions of Jews from all walks of life, of all ages and from places across the globe, in events and activities around Shabbat. Join the challenge, which was launched on social media, or one of the hundreds of events that will take place around the world – offline and online.

October 22-23, 2021 – Together Whoever. Whatever. Wherever.

Bread for Shabbat!

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Shabbat has many meanings and there are many ways to experience and celebrate it.

One of the most common and delicious traditions in preparation for Shabbat is baking challah. In many homes in Israel and around the world, it is customary to bake challahs and eat them at the Shabbat meal. Challah symbolises home, warmth and family. The scent of the challah that spreads through the house is a sure sign of the approaching Shabbat.

Have you already turned on the oven?

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Our challah challenge invites all participants to come up with a creative, unique or innovative recipe for their own challah. Just as The Shabbat Project connects people and Jews from so many different places and backgrounds, we want to weave one big story out of all your challahs. One Shabbat. One challah.

Bake and tag!

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Don’t forget our hashtag!

Take a pic of you and your challah and share it with friends and followers.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #tspchallahchallenge ,#חלת_השבת_העולמית

Participate in an event

Our partners all over the world have planned some incredible events - some of which are online and some in person.

Browse events near you to share Shabbat with friends, family or a community and check out some of the online event options for pre and post Shabbat events too.

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