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27/28 October 2017.


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The Shabbat Project - Sydney

Its Time! Sydney we are coming Together Again for the global Shabbat Project on October 23 and 24 - Jews from around the world, keeping Shabbat together on one weekend.

The Shabbat Project in 2014 involved 65 countries; 465 cities; 1600 partners; 1 million participants; 257 schools; and 54,000 communal Shabbat meals. We want you to be a part of this global Jewish event again this year.

Last year, the Sydney Shabbat Project was the most inclusive, galvanising and successful project undertaken by Sydney Jewry. We reached over 15,000 people, and crossed all religious divides.

This year, Sydney’s focus will be empowering our communal organisations and individuals to connect with the rest of the Jewish world, in its celebration of Shabbat. Whether it’s Challah Bakes, a Havdallah service at your shule, a Shabbat lunch, or the Speaker series, the expanse of activities this year is increasing.

Our stories

Miriam Shelly


I only really came into Judaism a few years ago, yes I was Jewish but didn't even really know. I now attend a Jewish school and Judaism is really a huge part of my life however shabbat is not something I observe or even look at with any particular important. However when I first heard about the shabbos project I was immediately interested and knew that I would definitely be wanting to take part. Going to a Jewish school meant...

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Our stories

Lindy Wertheim


Wow! What a weekend!

The magical experience began for me with the Sydney Challah bake! Being part of the 2.5k strong, group of women was an electrifying (in a good way!) experience! More than once during the evening I had tears In my eyes and goose bumps on my arms! I have promised myself that I will now start baking Challahs for Shabbat, which I think is such a beautiful way to start getting ready!

We spent Shabbat with our very dear...

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Our stories

Greg Weiss


I live in Sydney Australia.

We often feel that life is too fast and impersonal and that our neighbours all keep to themselves. One of the roll over effects of The Shabbat Project was the catalysing of connections and community feeling.

We we were invited for Kiddush lunch with people who live 7 houses away, yet had not known before.

We we staged an afternoon tea for the neighbourhood that had 70 spilled on to our street as 70 people...

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Our stories

Monday Morning Cooking Club


The girls of the Monday Morning Cooking Club were absolutely thrilled and honoured to run the inaugural challah bake in Sydney for The Shabbat Project (The Shabbos Project). Our preparation was all-consuming. We started about three months before the event, making it our mission to fine tune and master not only the recipe but also the art of the six strand braid.

Put together by a wonderful committee and supported by a huge network of volunteers, the full-to-capacity warehouse was a...

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