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Shabbos Project

by Chaya Benchemhoun
New York City, United States

On Fridays I invited my niece and her friends to join my friend Sheli and I to go bring light into the world in honor of the shabbos project.

We chose my favorite place . Dumbo. A place I lived for a few years Just minutes away. A place where many visitors and locals go who are Jewish and don’t necessarily keep shabbos . Or know much about it .

It was really special to see how open people were to watch us in action both Jewish and non Jewish, we got a really good reaction . And what we did was bring more light. When you give to others it’s really for yourself . All the girls came home on a high. I got a Message from one of the ladies we gave candles to how special it was for her to receive the candles and to meet us. The Lubavitcher Rebbe wanted all woman from the age of 3 to light candles . He just wanted to inspired others to bring extra light to help bring moshiach closer! May we merit that light very soon!