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Stories from around the world

On Oct 22/23 the biggest global Shabbat in recent history took place and we would really like to record your 2021 Shabbat Project experience.

Over a million Jews around the world experienced one Shabbat together.Let the rhythm of Shabbat heal you. Together, Whoever, Whatever, Wherever.

Share with us your personal story, your thoughts and feelings about your Shabbat experience. Your Shabbat experience in lockdown. What is your background? How did you celebrate Shabbat? What events did you attend? What are your reflections/observations and how has the experience impacted you?

San Diego, United States
Boca Raton, United States
Challah Bake TA017 Tel Aviv Challah Bake gift Shabbat
Or Yehuda, Israel
Whats App Image 2021 10 20 at 9 30 23 PM
Boca Raton, United States
Plymouth, UK, England
Brooklyn, United States
New York City, United States
London, England
SP Bake
Lisbon, Portugal
בית ספר מרום עפולה
Afula, Israel
Challa Bake Kadima Zoran
Kadima Zoran, Israel
Keep it together
Petah Tikva, Israel