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Global Challah Bake

by Chana Kleiner
Toronto, Canada

What an impressive evening! I am so grateful to have been part of it! Just to see how women and girls from all walks of life unite together just to bake challah for the honour of Shabbos was so inspiring!! It did not matter where your level of observance was. We are all the same Jewish people. Everyone gets turned on by challah. There is something very special about it. Even when I didn't understand their language, (spanish, hungarian and russian), I was very impressed. Some of those women are very artistic! I learned from everyone. Baking challah connects all Jews. It was a real Kiddish Hashem! May you all continue to have strength to do your noble work! Evenings like this will definitely speed up the coming of Moshiach.Fondly, Chana Kleiner, Toronto