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Family Shabbat, mid Devon village

by Kate Rigby
Plymouth, UK, England

My first ever Shabbat although I’m 62! My oldest sister hosted it and my other sister and brother came. Plus my 93 year old mother (it was hosted by at her house although she and my sister have observed Shabbat before) and also one of our nephews came. Our mother’s birth mother was Jewish ergo we are but her birth mother died when she was 4 and her non Jewish father and married again to non Jewish woman. My mother grew up on the war. In the 80s had an orthodox Jewish landlord in Bournemouth who always said he’s invite us to a Shabbat but it never happened. During lockdown we have reconnected with our Jewish roots as well as discovering the terrible fate of hundreds of third and fourth cousins from Amsterdam. My sister was a community choir leader and so has learned many songs for Shabbat and the customs. She also did all the authentic food and rituals. It was very meaningful and a lovely family occasion and connection with our family and the wider international community. The pictures are of the table before beginning of Shabbat and second one is from our birth grandmother’s grave (Amelia Blom). Shavua Tov!