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Share Shabbat - at home

Share Shabbat

Hosting guests at home

Step 1 .

  • Invite your guests.
    Use one of our fun, colourful marketing templates to create a personalised invitation. Edit them yourself via the link to Canva or ask our team to create something for you.

Flyers for events

Step 2.

  • Add your event to our calendar

    This will let everyone know you are joining in the global celebration

Step 3.

  • Check out our recipes for inspiration for your Shabbat menu.

Step 4.

  • Get your kids involved. Download and print this Shabbat Youth Activity Pack for your children to do before Shabbat. It even includes a game they can play on Shabbat!

Youth activity 2021

Step 5.

  • Print out our Shabbat Companion.
    Print one for each guest and place them at each table setting so everyone can join and follow along.

Step 6.

  • Add some fun and inspiration to your Shabbat table with these conversation cards and parsha cards. Download them, print them and add them to each table setting to break the ice and get the conversation going.

Step 7

  • Shabbat afternoon and morning are always a nice time to enjoy family games and conversation. Download and print our Shabbat musings and Oneg game to keep the whole family entertained.

Step 8

Step 9

Create your event

Add your event and join our global network of partners.
Receive support from our team 24/6 for everything you need! We’ll assist with marketing tools, resources and advice. Plus, you’ll get all Shabbat Project updates and be able to connect with other partners around the world to create, share and dream together.