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Share Shabbat - Bring my community together

Share Shabbat

Bring my community together

Step 1 .

  • Send a save the date to your community.
    You can choose from one of our templates and edit it directly on canva, or make your own. Send it via whatsapp, facebook, email or messenger.

    Need help? Reach out to our team for assistance.
Save the date 2

Step 2.

  • Plan your event. It can be a Shabbat meal on Friday night and/or Shabbat day, a kiddush, a youth activity or all of the above. It can be in a community centre, synagogue, park or an easy to access communal space.

    Get the whole community involved by giving them something to bring or prepare; and allow this space to be used by community members throughout Shabbat. You can organise a youth group in the morning, a shiur/lesson in the afternoon and a tisch and oneg shabbat.

Step 3.

Step 4.

  • Get the kids involved
    4-5 days before Shabbat, send our Shabbat Youth Activity Resource to the whole community to get their kids in the Shabbat spirit. It includes a word search, colouring in sheets, a memory game and more!

    For some added sparkle, ask everyone to come to the event/s wearing their Shabbat crowns. They’ll find it in the resource.

Youth activity 2021

Step 5.

  • Print out our  Shabbat Companion for your table. Print one for each guest and place them at each table setting so everyone can join and follow along.

Step 6.

  • Add some fun and get the conversation going by downloading and printing out these ice breaker conversation cards. Don’t forget to place them on the table.

Step 7

  • Print out our musings and have them handy for any community members who want some Shabbat reading and an even more uplifting Shabbat.

Step 8

  • Share your experience with us.
    Tell us how it went and share personal stories from your Shabbat Project shared together.
    Get your community members to share their personal thoughts and experiences too.

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