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Shabbat Twins

Shabbat Project Twins

Let’s get together like two challahs on a Friday night table!

Our world has shrunk and become more interconnected. From Arizona to Nice, we have become so comfortable with digital meet-ups and events. Let’s use this to forge relationships and build real and lasting experiences with Shabbat Project partners across the world. Let’s embrace our cultural nuances and different customs and come together as one nation preparing for one Shabbat.

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How does it work?

For Shabbat events such as challah bakes, cooking demos learning programs and joint Havdalah experiences, we pair you up with a like-minded partner in a complimentary time zone, so that you can plan the ultimate pre- or post-Shabbat experience together.

How do I find a partner/community to run the event with?

Contact us and we’ll connect you.

What types of events can we do together?

See below some ideas of events you can run together. Tweak them or come up with your own!

Bake With

Bake With

The challah bake has always been a fun and inspiring event to bring people together in preparation for Shabbat – and everyone goes home with delicious challah for their Shabbat meals!
This event can be done in person and online in a few different ways:

  • Create a virtual event for your community and a partner community around the world to bake challah together;

  • Host a challah conversation between two city representatives, two well-known individuals or two interesting community members. While they bake challah, the two can share some insights, thoughts, lessons and experiences.

Whatever you choose to do, we have some amazing content and tips that will ensure success. Check out our challah bake station.

Cook With

Cook with

Choose a specific food-related theme or share delicious traditional Shabbat recipes. Anything and everything is possible. This could be a single event or a series. Host it online or invite a well-known chef to whip up something special. The aim is to have fun and help attendees bring the taste of Shabbat home.

In conversation with

In conversation with

Invite two or more people to come together and share ideas, personal experiences and philosophies around Shabbat. This can take the form of a panel discussion, or just two people connecting. Two Rabbis could discuss the parsha (weekly Torah portion) of the week. Two well-known personalities could chat about what Shabbat means to them. Community members could share their experiences, family traditions, or tips for preparing for Shabbat.

Make With

Make with

There are so many great activities and crafts that can be made leading up to Shabbat. Challah covers, Kiddush cups, Havdalah candles, activities or games where you learn about Shabbat, to name a few. Create activities for youth, break into virtual rooms based on age groups or preferences, or have parents and children play and learn together. You can also choose from our selection of games and activities.

Learn with 2

Learn with

There is so much to discover and learn about Shabbat. Understand more about the weekly parsha (Torah portion), take your participants on our seven steps to Shabbat journey, or use the learning experience to share personal thoughts and ideas. You can set up one or a series of these sessions leading up to The Shabbat Project. We have some great inspiration and tools to share with you for this idea:
Table inspiration
Shabbat Musings

Bring it in with

Bring it in with

So many other cities around the world have incredible synagogues, Jewish neighborhoods and community centres dating back many centuries. All rich with history, beauty and intrigue. Our communities around the world would love to join in for a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat event on the Friday morning or afternoon before Shabbat comes in and to learn more about our amazing cities and communities around the world.

You can download and use our Kabbalat Shabbat guide for your event. 

Bring it out with

Bring it out with

After 25 hours of collective Shabbat experiences around the world we have the opportunity to connect globally once more and reflect on the Shabbat. What better way to do this than together with a partner city/community for havdalah.

And we have a beautiful havdalah card for your event and to share with your community

Next steps?

Now that you have your idea and know what you are organising, follow these steps to confirm your event.

    • Create your event
      Add your event and join our global network of partners and receive support from our team 24/6 for everything you need including help with marketing tools, resources, advice, and all Shabbat Project updates.

    • Send a save the date for your event. Choose from one of our templates or customise your own.

    • Create a  flyer  for your event with all the details. Choose from one of our templates or customise your own.

    • After your event, share your experience with us. Tell us how it went and any personal stories from your Shabbat Project shared together.
      Get your participants to share their personal thoughts and experiences too.
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