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Youth Activities and Resources

Youth Activities and Resources

Shabbat Youth Activity Book

This Shabbat Project activity book for kids will teach them all about Shabbat with word searches, fun colouring, memory games and more. Give it to your kids leading up to Shabbat and let them learn and discover new things about Shabbat and prepare a fun memory game that can be played on Shabbat. 

Oneg Game Image

Fast facts. Team work. It’s ONEG – the newish Jewish clue-ish board game!
Play with friends, get the whole family involved and have fun while learning some fast facts across the Jewish spectrum.

Get the: Oneg Shabbat Game (COMPRESSED)
Elementary School Puzzles 1

Elementary School Puzzles: Shabbat Word Search

Get the: Elementary: Shabbat Word Search (PDF)
Elementary School Puzzles 2

Elementary School Puzzles: Shabbat Maze

Get the: Elementary: Shabbat Maze (PDF)
Elementary School Puzzles 7

Elementary School Puzzles: Hebrew Word Match

Get the: Elementary: Word Match (PDF)
Elementary School Puzzles 4

Elementary School Puzzles: Color by Number

Get the: Elementary: Color by Number (PDF)
Elementary School Puzzles 3

Elementary School Puzzles: Word Scramble

Nursery School Puzzles 5

Nursery School Puzzles: My Shabbat Table

Get the: Nursery: My Shabbat Table (PDF)
Nursery School Puzzles 4
Get the: Nursery: Anything but Muktzeh (PDF)
Nursery School Puzzles 3

Nursery School Puzzles: Walking to the Synagogue

Get the: Nursery: Walking to the Synagogue (PDF)
Nursery School Puzzles 2

Nursery School Puzzles: Sunset to Stars

Get the: Nursery: Sunset to Stars (PDF)