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Fast facts. Team work. It’s ONEG – the newish Jewish clue-ish board game!
Play with friends, get the whole family involved and have fun while learning some fast facts across the Jewish spectrum.

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Elementary School Puzzles 1

Elementary School Puzzles: Shabbat Word Search

Get the: Elementary: Shabbat Word Search (PDF)
Elementary School Puzzles 2

Elementary School Puzzles: Shabbat Maze

Get the: Elementary: Shabbat Maze (PDF)
Elementary School Puzzles 7

Elementary School Puzzles: Hebrew Word Match

Get the: Elementary: Word Match (PDF)
Elementary School Puzzles 4

Elementary School Puzzles: Color by Number

Get the: Elementary: Color by Number (PDF)
Elementary School Puzzles 3

Elementary School Puzzles: Word Scramble

Nursery School Puzzles 5

Nursery School Puzzles: My Shabbat Table

Get the: Nursery: My Shabbat Table (PDF)
Nursery School Puzzles 4
Get the: Nursery: Anything but Muktzeh (PDF)
Nursery School Puzzles 3

Nursery School Puzzles: Walking to the Synagogue

Get the: Nursery: Walking to the Synagogue (PDF)
Nursery School Puzzles 2

Nursery School Puzzles: Sunset to Stars

Get the: Nursery: Sunset to Stars (PDF)
Nursery School Puzzles 1

Nursery School Puzzles - The Journey of Shabbat 

Get the: Nursery: Shabbat labyrinth
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