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Challah Bake

Message from Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein for the Challah Bake 2020

TSP Bring it Home Video

Message from Chief Rabbi Goldstein for the Shabbat Project 2020

Get the: Bring it Home Video 2020
Braiding Challah Video

Braiding Demonstration Video for 4 strand, 5 strand and a round challah

Challah Bake Picture

Shabbat Project challah bake background video to enhance your event!
20 minutes with no music. 

Get the: Challah Bake Background video
Challah Bake Teaser Entrance Video

Shabbat Project challah bake teaser / short background video with music to enhance your event or as a promotion for your challah bake.

The World Preparing for Shabbat Video

Preparations for Shabbat from around the world

Get the: The World Preparing for Shabbat Video