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Vayeitzei - Parsha Table Card


Jacob flees his home to escape his brother, Esau, who seeks vengeance after losing his firstborn blessings. Jacob ventures out into a hostile, uncertain world, leaving the comfort and familiarity of the home he grew up in. Soon after, he has a momentous encounter with G-d, Himself. Think about Jacob’s state of mind. His future is unclear. He is keenly aware of the perils and uncertainties that lie ahead of him. And it’s not incidental that he is extremely vulnerable at the moment of his encounter with God. Allowing ourselves to feel vulnerable can, in fact, be the key to ensuring our prayers aren’t routine. By embracing our vulnerability when coming before Him in supplication, we draw closer to Him. Intimacy emerges from the comfort we feel being vulnerable in His presence, and realizing that God is the source of everything in our lives. This is the very essence of prayer.

How do you know if you had a meaningful prayer experience?

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