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Vayeira - Parsha Table Card

Vayeira Parsha Card

Abraham, age 99, is recovering from his circumcision. He’s in extraordinary pain, it’s a searingly hot day in the desert, yet he is sitting at the opening of his tent waiting restlessly for guests. Our sages teach us that Abraham’s tent was always open on all four sides, so that anyone needing rest and comfort and shelter could enter. The Talmud says on that day, God specifically ensured it was an intensely hot day to prevent people from venturing out, so Abraham would be spared the trouble of looking after them. Yet, despite the heat, the lingering pain of circumcision, and his old age, Abraham remained undeterred. Abraham’s example is a rallying call to make a space for others in our hearts, in our lives, and in our homes.

What is the hardest mitzvah you’ve ever done to help someone?

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