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The power of Shabbos candles by Sarah Shnirer

The power of Shabbos candles by Sarah Shnirer

Do you understand the implications of the candles that you light each Friday night? Why was this lofty role placed in your care? It’s because of the hidden light within your heart – you possess this special light that can light up your home! Within you is a treasure of love, self-sacrifice, loyalty and dedication to Judaism. It permeates the souls of your children, and goes into the hidden corners of their hearts. So with this powerful gift, you do the job. You form the character of your children. And when you care for your children, when you feed them, when you put them to bed, you permeate their souls with the spirit of Judaism. You implant in their hearts the most noble character traits, so when they grow up they will be loyal members of our nation. It is your job not only to light, but also to protect this light from all that threatens to darken it. You need your Shabbos candles to wage the battle as you establish a pillar of light around your home – to hold your children in your arms so they are always a part of the Jewish people. Through the Shabbos candles, the Jewish home is transformed into a fortress. Only such a fortress will make Judaism strong – today, tomorrow and forever.

Shelley Willis

Johannesburg, South Africa

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