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Washing Hands Card
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Night Kiddush Card

Kiddush is about our partnership with G-d. He created Shabbat, but through our words, and over a cup of wine, we sanctify it.

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Day Kiddush Card
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Eishet Chayil Card

Eshet Chayil is a 22-verse poem with which King Solomon concludes the Book of Proverbs. An ode to the “woman of valor”, King Solomon’s descriptions also refer allegorically to the Shechinah, the Sabbath, the Torah, wisdom and the soul.

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Blessing for the Children Card

We begin our Shabbat journey by blessing our children, focusing on each of them individually.

Havdalah Card

Light a multi-wicked candle, have a sweet-smelling spice (like cinnamon) ready, and say the prayer below over a cup of wine or grape juice. Wait until the end of the prayer before drinking the majority of the glass.

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Shabbat Companion

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Birkat Hamazon 1
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Eishet Chayil Card
Eishet Chayil Card