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Reclaiming tranquility by Rivka Ravitz

Reclaiming tranquility by Rivka Ravitz

The never-ending task list of life. Work, household, children, the omnipresent smartphone. Smartphones may streamline work environments and improve efficiency, yet ultimately, they steal more time than they save, along with peace of mind. The coronavirus crisis reawakened thoughts of society’s compulsive use of smartphones. Long days spent at home during lockdown reinforced that my eyes are hopelessly glued to my screen. I recalled when my husband and I sat across the house, but instead of conversing, simply texted. On Shabbat, we disconnect from it all. For 25 hours, touching the phone is prohibited. These are sacred hours reserved for family, self and our relationship with G-d. Jewish mothers everywhere pray that their children shall perpetuate our golden legacy, appreciate Torah and mitzvot, discover satisfaction and love in authentic Jewish life, and feel integral parts of the wondrous unity that is the Jewish people. 

During that exalted hour in the week when every Jewish mother assumes centre stage, tenderly lighting her Shabbat candles and illuminating her home in radiance and peace, the outside world fades into oblivion, leaving the perfect Oneness of Judaism, family, Shabbat and G-d. Having reclaimed that lost tranquillity, she finally covers her face and offers the tearful prayer expressing her innermost yearning: “Father in heaven, grant that my children shall be righteous, illuminating the world with Torah, kindness and meritorious deeds.

Rivka Ravitz

Tel Stone, Israel

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