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Out of the darkness by Raquel Kirszenbaum Didio

Out of the darkness by Raquel Kirszenbaum Didio

Rabbi Nachman teaches a beautiful idea, which, for me, summarises, enhances and gives life to this beautiful mitzvah: Imagine you go into a dark room, where there are no windows or light… would you be able to see anything in there? You go back outside and then find the light switch, and suddenly the whole room is lit up and now you can see tables, chairs, people… would you think it is like ‘Toy Story’ – everyone quickly running to their places? Of course not! You know everything was always there, but you lacked the ability to see! Why? Because you didn’t turn on the light switch! Many of us live in darkness, in confusion, full of difficulty... we do not seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or the beauty or positivity. And this is only because we forget to turn on the light switch called G-d in our lives! It is up to us to bring light, meaning, purpose and direction into our lives! Candle-lighting is about women taking the initiative and the active role of refusing to live in darkness, but rather choosing light, choosing good, choosing G-d.

Raquel Kirszenbaum Didio

Jerusalem, Israel

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