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It’s never too late

It’s never too late by Robin Sarah Davina Meyerson

I am Jewish and have Jewish parents and grandparents. Until I was 27, I had never heard of Shabbat. When I first heard of Shabbat, I thought it was on Sundays and was only for nuns. After experiencing Shabbat in other people’s homes, I decided to learn to light Shabbat candles and keep Shabbat. I need Shabbat so much. I work incredibly hard for six days and six nights because I love to conquer the world of doing. Yet, when Shabbat comes, I light a candle for each of my five kids, one son-in-law and two grandsons. I pray deeply for each of them to be healthy, marry nice Jewish spouses, have lots of Jewish kids and grandkids. And then I pray for all the Jewish people in the whole world to know, love and keep Shabbat because it’s never too late to light Shabbat candles and keep Shabbat!

Robin Sarah Davina Meyerson

Scottsdale, USA

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