In the year 2100


On January 1, 2000, the New York Times ran a ‘Millennium’ edition. It was a special issue that featured three front pages. One had the news from January 1, 1900. The second was the actual news of the day, January 1, 2000. And then a third front page projected future events of January 1, 2100. This fictional page included items such as a welcome to the US’s fifty-first state, Cuba, as well as a discussion on whether robots should be allowed to vote. In addition to the fascinating futuristic articles, there was one other seemingly mundane item. Down at the bottom of the front page was the candle-lighting time in New York for January 1, 2100. The production manager of the New York Times – an Irish Catholic – explained: ‘We don’t know what will happen in the year 2100. It is impossible to predict the future. But of one thing you can be certain, that in the year 2100, Jewish women will be lighting Shabbat candles.

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