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Illuminating the differences by Daniela Schindlower

Illuminating the differences by Daniela Schindlower

The Torah teaches us that candles must be lit to bring shalom – peace – home. But the truth is that there is no connection between lighting candles and having more peace in my house! Although maybe we don't understand it and we don't see the connection because we don't really know what peace means. We believe that peace comes when two people think the same and when there are no differences. We think that shalom is to take out the differences, to pretend they don't exist. But the Torah teaches us another definition. It tells us that true peace is like a puzzle, where all the pieces are different but they fit perfectly together. If the pieces were the same, they could not be joined. So the fact that we are different is what unites us as a whole. We don’t have to cover the differences; on the contrary, we have to try and see them, and look for the way in which they complement each other. And that's what Shabbat candles do every time we light them – we bring light to the home, which allows us to see the differences between us and find a way to complement each other.

Daniela Schindlower

Santiago de Chile

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