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From the race against time to serenity

From the race against time to serenity by Dafna Benizri

From one Shabbos to another, the Jewish woman has a fairly hectic schedule. As a mother, grandmother and wife, there is no shortage of work. But, thank G-d, at the start of Shabbos, time stops. Stress flies slowly away as the time for candle-lighting approaches. It is not simply a lighting of candles, but a weekly invitation to prayer and introspection – an opportunity to pour out one's heart and pray in front of the candles that will bring blessing into the house. The lights of Shabbos bring about precious calm and disconnection from an active lifestyle. I would not miss this special gift for anything in the world. These candles do not only light up my house, but also provide me with energy and real inner peace.

Dafna Benizri

Nice, France

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