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Fire of faith by Slovie Jungries-Wolff

Fire of faith by Slovie Jungries-Wolff

If my Shabbos candlesticks could speak, what a story they would tell! It is the story of our people, of courageous women who forged a path for us. Forever. One night my Bubby whose name I carry, hid her Shabbos lights in the cold earth. She was taken to Auschwitz never to be seen again. But somehow, a miracle really, my Bubby’s candlesticks came home to me. Each week I circle the flames with my hands, cover my eyes, and send my prayers soaring above. My tears join the tears of thousands of women across the world, united by the fire of our faith. Master of this Universe, as I kindle my Shabbos lights, help me find my inner light. In times of darkness, do not allow me to despair. Grant me the strength to endure. Bring me to a place of peace. Open my heart to Your Torah’s wisdom. Privilege me to create a legacy of love. Amen.

Slovie Jungries-Wolff

The Five Towns, USA

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