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Come my girls and fellow sisters by Natalie Altman

Come my girls and fellow sisters by Natalie Altman

Kerfuffle, a bustle
The time ...
Where’s my ?
Come quick
Put away
Don’t stray
Cholent’s on
What’s wrong?
Look at the sun – the time has come


Come my girls and fellow sisters
It’s time to unfurl a world beyond this world
Come ignite the light to shine bright
On our homes, on our families, and on time
Let it still the quill, the never ending drill, the unrelenting will
To produce
And stem that which seduces us to acquire and climb higher on the rungs of the elusive ladder

Let our act of bringing light inspire us to reflect, protect and inspect that which is real
And that our week conceals as we rush through it
Let us look at our children’s iridescent faces
The spaces of our homes
The paces of our week, the events of which we spoke
And of those we did not speak

Let the softer glow show our families and let them know
That we are present for them, and for ourselves
And as we wave away the week and welcome Shabbos
Let us speak to Hashem from the depth of our beings
Of what we’ve seen and hope to be seeing and of what we dream
May we merit that which we’ve inherited from our mothers and their mothers before
The peace of Shabbos and a peace of our souls
Chelek Meolam Habbah

Good Shabbos 

Natalie Altman, Johannesburg, South Africa

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