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Challah Bake Station

Challah Bake Station

Challah Recipe Card

The Shabbat Project's step-by-step guide to baking the perfect Shabbat challah for Friday night.

Get the: Challah Recipe Card (PDF)
Challah Explanations

The Shabbat challah ingredients have tremendous significance. By understanding this, you can focus on the essence and blessing while adding it to the mixture.

Get the: Ingredients Meaning Card (PDF)
Challah Bake With Checklist

The Shabbat Project's virtual challah bake checklist to create an online challah bake in your community.

Get the: Challah Bake Checklist (PDF)
Plug n play feature image

This video is the ultimate Plug and Play host for your Challah Bake.

Just add the ingredients :) 

Get the: Challah Bake Plug 'n Play Video
4 Bake With pack 1
Get the: Suggested Schedule (PDF)
Challah Bake Quiz with answers

Challah Bake Quiz with answers 

Get the: Challah Bake Quiz (PDF)
Braiding Challah Video

Braiding Demonstration Video for 4 strand, 5 strand and a round challah

SuzelleDIY | challah video

A special Suzelle shout-out to all the ladies getting ready to make challah at The Shabbos Project Challah Bake... because anybody can!

Get the: How To Voila your Challah Video
Challah Bake Picture

Shabbat Project challah bake background video to enhance your event!
20 minutes with no music. 

Get the: Challah Bake Background video
Challah Bake Teaser Entrance Video

Shabbat Project challah bake teaser / short background video with music to enhance your event or as a promotion for your challah bake.

The World Preparing for Shabbat Video

Preparations for Shabbat from around the world

Get the: The World Preparing for Shabbat Video