Be the light by Lori Palatnik


As I light, I ask myself, am I a light? Am I lighting up my husband, helping him to use his talents for greatness? Am I lighting up each one of my children; am I there for them in the way they individually and uniquely need me in their lives today? Am I a light to those who have joined our family; am I welcoming them with open arms? Am I a light to my community, standing up and taking responsibility when there is a need? Am I a light to the Jewish people, using the gifts that G-d has given me to lead? Am I a light to Hashem; am I a Kiddush Hashem? Do I sanctify His name in all that I do? Am I accepting the mission we were all charged with at Mt Sinai, to be a 'light unto the nations'? And in all, how can I increase the light? Please G-d, help me to burn bright.

Lori Palatnik

Jerusalem, Israel

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