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Partners 2021

22-23 October 2021

Join over a million Jews around the world
in experiencing one Shabbat together

Unite to celebrate the warmth, beauty and healing power of Shabbat.

Here's how you can participate this year

As lockdowns lifts, masks slowly come off and families and friends reunite, there is a deep yearning for togetherness. That’s why The Shabbat Project this year is all about bringing family, friends and communities together again, to experience Shabbat together, and share in the spirit of Shabbat safely

3 ways you can partner with this year's Shabbat Project.

Gift Shabbat

Gift Shabbat Png home page

This year, Gift Shabbat by choosing from one of the wonderful giving opportunities put together by Shabbat Project Partners around the world.

Click below to browse our selection of gifts or to add your own. 

Share Shabbat

Share shabbat home page

We’ve made it easy for you to Share Shabbat with your family, friends and community.

Follow our simple steps which include ideas, tools, and resources, to inspire you to come together and share this Shabbat.

Shabbat Twins

Shabbat twins home page

We’ll help pair you up with a partner community from around the world for a pre or post Shabbat event.

Follow the link below to sign up and we’ll work with you on building a custom event for you to host with your Shabbat Project Twin.

See the impact the Shabbat Project has had on our community

Jeremy Abramson
Jeremy Abramson

75 people singing and there wasn't a dry eye in the room

Adina Gres
Adina Gres

Even in our little lives, we can become and make something really big

Samantha Wolf
Samantha Wolf

I just felt so welcome, it was so open to everybody no matter what your experience was.

Join the community

Not sure how you want to partner with us yet but want to keep updated on everything Shabbat Project?

Click below to partner with us to be sent Shabbat tips and tricks, resources and how to’s.

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