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To do or not to do? A lot happens between sunset on Friday and stars out on Saturday night. These helpful tools will make keeping Shabbat with the rest of world a lot easier.

Shabbat Map

The Shabbat Map is a short guide designed to get you ready for the big Shabbat. Whether you’re gearing up a month, a week or a couple of days before, the map is here to guide you – from what to buy, how to get your house ready and what to expect on the day.


25 Hours

25 Hours is your companion for the 25 hours of Shabbat. It’s rich with ritual and opportunity for connection. From Kiddush and blessing your children on Friday night to the beautiful Havdallah ceremony that commemorates the end of Shabbat.


Friday Night Prayer Book

The Friday Night Prayer book is a short, easy to follow booklet that includes all the prayers for the Friday night service as well as the songs and prayers said before the Shabbat meal. Whether you are going to a synagogue, joining a gathering outside or praying at home - this booklet will help make it easy to follow along with the service and to enjoy it!

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