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On 22-23 October

Unite with over a million Jews around the world to celebrate the warmth, beauty and healing power of Shabbat.

Shabbat Candles

This past year has shown us that life’s better together. It’s better when we can hug, look each other in the eye and feel each other's presence.

It’s also taught us that we are not in control. We plan as much as we can – but it's so much bigger than us.

This Shabbat Project let's make Shabbat even more special!

  • If you're new to Shabbat and are looking for guidance…

  • If you experience Shabbat every week but are looking for some ideas or inspiration…

  • If you’re alone for Shabbat…

  • If you want to bring the energy and power of Shabbat to your community, neighbourhood, street or city…

  • If you want to host a special Shabbat at home…

  • If you want to find out what's happening around the world and how you can get involved...

You have come to the right place

This year's Shabbat Project takes place on:
22-23 October | 17 Cheshvan 5782 | Parshat Vayeira

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I want to participate in this years Shabbat Project!

Click below to participate with us and explore how you can host Shabbat at home, check out events happening near you, learn about and keep Shabbat,  or join in our newest activation this year and give the gift of Shabbat.  

Click below to partner with us and explore our 3 new and exciting ideas for this year to bring your family, friends, neighbours and community together. 

You'll also get our ideas, tools, tips, and resources and more to make this Shabbat extra special!

Jews around the world come together in:


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