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We kept it together

Tell us how was your Shabbat Project

Let the rhythm of Shabbat heal you.

We are going ALL IN on the Shabbat experience … together.

3 steps for you get in on the magic

Immerse yourself in Shabbat

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A complete Shabbat has the power to transform your week. If this is your first time (or you are feeling a bit rusty on the rules) we’re here to guide you.

If you keep Shabbat every week, we're here to inspire you – making sure the experience is more meaningful than ever.

Host @ Home

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After months of going it alone, if it's safe where you live, open your doors, unpack your extra china and start inviting neighbors, family, colleagues or friends over for Shabbat.

Remember, you can keep it simple. One of the things the pandemic taught us is that we crave each other – not Pinterest-ready table decor or ingredients we have to Google.

We’ve made it easy for you to host a Shabbat meal of your own.

Follow our simple steps, which include ideas, tools, resources and more to host Shabbat at home like a pro.

Join or host an event

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Join one of the hundreds of Shabbat Project Events around the world, find an event near you or join one of our online events!  Hosting an event this year, add your event/s to our global listing.

Participate in an event

Our partners all over the world have planned some incredible events - some of which are online and some in person.

Browse events near you to share Shabbat with friends, family or a community and check out some of the online event options for pre and post Shabbat events too.

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