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Gift Shabbat

Gift Shabbat

Shabbat is a gift - the ultimate gift - because it enables us to see that all of life is a gift.

Once a week, we pause, breathe deeply and savour life’s blessings. What better way could there be to connect to its magic than by entering a cycle of giving. That’s why this year we have opened up the opportunity for multiple ways of giving for Shabbat.

We’re calling on people around the world to give a gift to someone else for the Shabbat of the Shabbat Project. This could be to someone local or international.

Give challah to an old age home....
Give Shabbat packages to IDF soldiers or emergency workers and volunteers...
Give flowers to a hospital....
Give some love with a card or flowers for Shabbat to a stranger....

Add your initiative to our events platform and inspire the world!

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Want to organise gifts for Shabbat in your community?

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