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Year: “2020
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This year, on the Shabbat of parshat Vayeira, let us begin a journey to a brighter Jewish future, let us model our homes on the home of Abraham and Sarah. Let each of us make our home a sanctuary, a spiritual safe-haven, a place of kindness and warmth, faith and connection, filled with the light and joy of Shabbat.

by Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein
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by Lisa Apfelberg
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When a local bus stop suddenly starts to scream out your name. You have no choice but to listen and to stop every now and again and recharge your inner batteries. When Hashem whispers, don’t force Him to shout…

by Sasha Star
by Samantha Wolf
Simon Shear
by Simon Shear
by Michele Gelboin
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by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Rabbi Daniel Oppenheimer
by Rabbi Daniel Oppenheimer
Alex clare
by Alex Clare
by Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski
Rav dovid cohen
by Rabbi Dovid Cohen
Senator Lieberman
by Senator Joe Lieberman
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Senator Lieberman
Candle lighting and the gift of rest
by Senator Joe Lieberman