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Year: “2020
When the Lights Go Out

“So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.”

- T.S. Elliot

“…And in the darkness bind them.”

- Gandalf, Lord of the Rings

by Simon Apfel
An Eternity in an Instant
by Dylan Cohen
Michael Gros

An encounter with the rock legend taught Jimmy Baron a lesson he’d never forget.

by Michael Gros
Noa Cacharel

How Shabbat and the teachings of an early 20th century Polish Kabbalist helped me find purpose, meaning and my true place in this world.

by Noa Cacharel
Rabbi Ari Taback

A “taste of the world-to-come”, Shabbos remains our sample of the way things should really be in a world gone wrong; a chance to realign ourselves with the perfection of the world the way G-d wants it to look.

by Rabbi Ari Taback
Hell or High Water

An astonishing 155.7millimetres of rain fell in Dallas over 22 and 23 October 2015, during one of the worst storms to hit the area in recent memory. The record rainfall flooded Abby Widom’s entire house – but she nevertheless followed through on her commitment to keep her first Shabbat.

by Simon Apfel
Miriam Kosman

In the unfamiliar world of Shabbat, we are human beings rather than human doings, and what is important is not what we accomplish, but who we are.

by Miriam Kosman
Spillover effect

Beer pong, flip cup, keg parties, Toby Keith and… The Shabbat Project? As difficult as it is to believe, they do all share one thing in common.

by Simon Apfel
Lana Wilder

There is a sacred chain stretching back 4 000 years, connecting Jews in the present day with their ancient forebears. In October 2014, I discovered it in a single instant.

Walk of Life

Today, the very idea of “going for a walk” is a radical act of purposeful purposelessness. On Shabbos, it’s just what you do, because you must, but really because you can.

by Simon Shear
Shabbos demons 2 copy

Shabbat isn’t just an expression of our faith in G-d. It’s an expression of G-d’s faith in us.

by Rabbi Dr Samuel Lebens
Adrienne Gold1

As a chronic FOMO sufferer, the idea of Shabbat once filled me with terror. What I didn’t understand was that ceasing to create would make me more creative. That not exerting myself would give me more strength. That being where I am, limited, constrained, here and nowhere else, has alerted me to the boundless joy in my heart and in my life.

by Adrienne Gold
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An extra soul on Shabbat
by Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski