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Frequently asked questions

What is The Shabbat Project?

The concept of The Shabbat Project is that Jews from all walks of life, from across the spectrum – religious, secular and traditional, young and old, from all corners of the world – unite annually to keep one full Shabbat together, in full accordance with Jewish law.

The Shabbat Project is a celebration of Shabbat, with individuals and organisations around the world preparing fun and engaging events and activities that in some cases fill the full week leading up to and even after The Shabbat Project. These events include challah bakes, cook withs, youth activities, learning events, Shabbat meals, Havdalah concerts and more.

Since the first international Shabbat Project in 2014, communities around the world look forward to coming together for The Shabbat Project.

Why do we need it?

In today’s society, where so many distractions seem to be pulling us apart, Shabbat provides a “glue” for holding us together. The lack of technology the day prescribes, coupled with a structure of family meals, gatherings and prayers, establishes the perfect environment for disconnecting from life’s many harried distractions and reconnecting with ourselves, our family and the people who are most important to us.

What date is this year's Shabbat Project? Is it a fixed date every year?

The Shabbat Project will take place on 22-23 October 2021 – 17 Cheshvan 5782. The Shabbat Project usually takes place on Parshat Vayeira, so the date is dependent on the date of this parsha (weekly Torah reading).

How can I be kept updated on The Shabbat Project happenings?

You can sign up to our newsletters, follow us on social media and join our WhatsApp group.

Who can be part of The Shabbat Project?

Jews from all walks of life can take part in The Shabbat Project. Everyone is welcome, regardless of language, culture or country. As long as the events follow the laws of Shabbat and kashrut – making sure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable to attend – then the more Jews who unite and take part, the better!

Who is behind The Shabbat Project?

Chief Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein is the founder of The Shabbat Project.

It all began in South Africa back in 2013, when he called on the local community to experience the magic of one full Shabbat. This experience was shared with communities around the world through the channels of Jewish geography. They loved this idea and decided to take it on and bring it to their communities. And so a grassroots people's movement was formed that continues to grow... eight years later and counting.

If you would like to find out more about Chief Rabbi Goldstein and other projects and initiatives he has founded, visit his website.

How can my community be part of The Shabbat Project?

It's a simple click away. Sign up and partner with us for all the ideas, tools and resources you need. You can also count on our team 24/6 to help you dream and successfully bring the project to your community. Check out how to become a partner here.

How can I find out what events are happening in my region?

There is an event section on our website, which is updated before the project each year. You can search by region, and you can add your event to this list.

How can I get involved if I am not part of a community?

Anyone can become a part of The Shabbat Project. You can host an event, big or small, at home or for the whole community. We have an ideas section with many different hosting and event ideas. You can invite your family or your friends to an event that you create – small, intimate events are just as meaningful as big, community-wide events. We have a number of resources and we are here to help you! So sign up and join us as a partner.

What time does Shabbat start and end?

You can find the Shabbat times in your area by visiting this page on our website:

Where can I find Shabbat guides/resources?

We have a library of tools and guides for every aspect of Shabbat. You can find them all here.

Where can I find challah bake resources and challah bake videos?

Everything you need for your challah bake is right here.

How can I promote and market The Shabbat Project?

We have a whole lot of beautifully designed marketing resources for you to use, so it couldn't be easier! Check out our social media posts, event flyers and more here

Can I use The Shabbat Project resources for events during the year?

Yes, for sure!

Do you have any Shabbat recipes?

We have some really interesting and delicious Shabbat recipes from around the world. Have a look here