Oct 18, 2017

Tovah Feldshuh

She’s been a Broadway star for more than four decades. She’s a singer, actress and playwright. She’s been nominated for four Tony Awards and two Emmy Awards (for Holocaust and Law & Order). And she’s a Jew who feels the love. Tova Feldshuh loves the wide embrace and inclusiveness of Shabbat, she loves the fact that Judaism connects us to the people who gave us life! And she lurrrvvves challah, despite the fact that it’s a “major carb”! Tova Feldshuh is larger than life. But she’s also down to earth, and a part of our big universal family, and she wants us all to get to our nearest Challah Bakes in celebration of The Shabbat Project 2017! So, listen to her!

Find a Challah Bake near you: https://www.theshabbosproject....

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