by Rabbi Daniel Oppenheimer

Shabbat revolves around many things: family, blessings, prayers and rest. Shabbat also revolves heavily around the food that we prepare and enjoy. Many hours go into the planning, the shopping, the preparing, the cooking and the eating of the food that we consume over Shabbat. On a usual day, we eat two meals: lunch and dinner. However, on Shabbat, we eat a third meal called ‘Seudah Shlishit’. We honour Shabbat by incorporating this third meal into our day. We arrive at the third meal, a short while after having eaten lunch, without much of an appetite. It is therefore crucial for us to plan ahead, and to leave a little space at lunchtime so that we can truly enjoy the third meal. By preparing for this third meal, we honour Shabbat.

Rabbi Daniel Oppenheimer
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