Oct 14, 2015

The Shabbos Project: Behind The Scenes (The Making & The Baking)

by The Shabbos Project

Partner Liaison at Shabbos Project HQ Gilah Orelowitz didn’t know it then, but her fate was sealed the day she arrived at work with a home-baked banana bread. Studded with chocolate chips, moist yet not too dense, it was flattened by the team in minutes, providing much needed energy for an office that never stops. So when the time came to design the artwork for Challah bake posters for our Partners in countries across the world, (just something we do) and the idea was to use good-enough-to-eat golden fluffy challah loaf lettering, all eyes were on Gilah. Except now she was entering her third trimester, the Joburg summer was hotting up, and we needed the entire alpha-bet in English, Hebrew and Russian, as well as some Spanish lettering!

We were doing eight languages.

But you can’t scare Gilah that easily, she lived in Israel for 20 years so she’s one tough cookie. Plus she loves baking. So with, a young designer to help, she tested a few recipes - your classic challah dough, cookie dough and pretzel dough. (Well, they claim the cookie dough was for research purposes…)

Armed with Hebrew and English stencils (and winging it on the Russian lettering) they produced a feast for the eyes! Kol hakavod!

The Shabbos Project
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