May 28, 2015

Robyn Regenbaum: Behind The Scenes (What The Shabbos Project Meant For Dunwoody)

by Robyn Regenbaum

Last year I coordinated the Shabbos project in Atlanta after my Rabbi, Binyomin Friedman (Rabbi of Congregation Ariel in Dunwoody GA) asked me to help get this going in Atlanta.

I was very excited about the opportunity to involve the entire Jewish community in Atlanta. I guess I was a little ambitious, but nonetheless it was a huge success for the communities that I did convince to participate.

On the Thursday evening, we had 300 people at a FREE challah bake, outdoors at the MJCCA (Marcus Jewish Community Center). I arranged to get everything sponsored. My goal was to get the people who had never made challah before to experience what it is all about and I think I achieved that goal.

Members of the Congregation Ariel community then hosted guests for Shabbos in their homes and families had dinner with their guests in their homes. We had Saturday lunch at the Shul for all the families hosting, as well as their guests. It was a very special Shabbos.

For Motzei Shabbos I flew in the band 8th Day, who were just incredible. I highly recommend them. We had over 600 people at the Havdalah Concert, which was held in the auditorium at the AJA (Atlanta Jewish Academy) middle school.

Fun was had by all, and I think we managed to spread the word about the Shabbos project. Hopefully this year we will get more communities involved.

This year we have enlisted JWCA (Jewish Women’s connection of Atlanta), an offshoot of the JWRP (Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project that conducts women’s trips to Israel).

JWCA is going to help with all the planning this year. We have a board meeting scheduled after Pesach and this will be on the agenda. My goal this year is to include as many synagogues to take part in the global Shabbos project.

Robyn Regenbaum

South African born, Robyn Regenbaum, moved to Dunwoody, Atlanta together with her husband, Alan, and children in 1994. Founding an online Scanpan shop, Robyn has a life centred around her family and is a proud member of Dunwoody’s Jewish community.

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